Hotel Turist has become an unavoidable part of life in Varaždin.

Since its opening in 1964, through the expansion in 1978. year, until a thorough renovation and redesign in 2021. Hotel Turist became and remained an unavoidable part of life in Varaždin.


It created the most beautiful memories of generations of locals, but also visitors and members of the hotel team. Although the hotel has changed its color palette and decoration over the years, one thing has remained the same – Hotel Turist is still a popular meeting place for people from Varaždin, a place where locals and visitors negotiate business or relax in the company of loved ones, while enjoying delicious food and drinks. .


The professional hotel staff continues to nurture the well-known hospitality of Varaždin and is at your service at all times.

In the heart of Varaždin

No other four-star hotel in Varaždin can boast such an exceptional location as Hotel Turist. Historical Old city, and the historic core with many sights, it is only a 12 minute walk away from the hotel.


Fantastic views from the Old Town offer the bell towers of churches and monasteries and cheerful hills that surround the city, and the arrival to the Old Town will give you a pleasant atmosphere as if walking “Little Vienna” which is called by miles of domestic and foreign guests.

Basic distances


from Zagreb Airport

1,0 km

from the historic center of Varaždin (Old Town)

300 m

from the bus station Varaždin

1,1 km

from Varaždin railway station

Enjoy all the sights

Hotel Turist is located in an ideal place if you want to see the most famous Varaždin sights. In addition, Varaždin is a great starting point if you want to explore and discover its surroundings, whether you decide to explore the surrounding places or choose one of the many excursions organized by the hotel.


Our friendly staff is at your disposal at the hotel, but you can contact them and find out more about the services via email:

In addition to transportation by luxury vehicles from the airport to the hotel, our guests have the opportunity to plan private excursions and tours that will reveal the beauty, history and gastronomy of Varaždin and surrounding places including Trakošćan Castle, Varaždinske toplice.


Apart from the beauties of Varaždin Finally, we suggest the possibility of day trips to Zagreb, Samobor, the shrine of Marija Bistrica, Međimurje Wine Road and the city of Čakovec, and neighboring Slovenia.

Virtual walk around the hotel

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