SPA centre HEDONA is a unique place in the center of the city’s hustle and bustle, which, one step away from everyday life, provides its clients with pure pleasure and enjoyment that is hard to resist. Our philosophy is based on complete commitment to the client, where we achieve maximum results with top cosmetic brands and appliances.

The world of saunas

In the SPA centre HEDONA, among other treatments, we offer a unique ambience with spacious sauna rooms. Between the Finnish, infrared, herbal and steam sauna, find the one that suits you best and create new favorite healthy habits.


After the sauna, we invite you to relax in a luxurious relax zone with a wall of Himalayan salt, so you can set aside precious time just for yourself, in the most beautiful way possible.


Please reserve your time in our world of saunas in advance at +385 42 395 777 or


Body treatments

In “Hedona”, we only care about hedonism and enjoyment. Therefore, leave the care of your body to us with certainty and confidence. With the latest high-end devices – ELECTROMAGNETIC STIMULATION DEVICE TeslaArt and multifunctional Crio-US09 device, we offer you the opportunity to shape the body, reduce body weight and solve stubborn fat deposits.


In addition, the devices are used for muscle recovery, as well as firming and lifting skin tone. Contact our trained staff for more information and see the results after the first appointment.

Facial treatments

In our treatment rooms, the professional staff is at your service with their knowledge and top-quality preparations. We are among the first in Croatia to perform facial treatments on one of the world’s best lines of professional cosmetics – TUSCANY .


It is a brand that uses the latest generation liposomes in its products to protect the active ingredients and release them in the target and deepest layers of the skin, making them 10 times stronger and more effective than the free active ingredients.


With the help of the MESOJET device, the active ingredients are painlessly and effectively injected into the skin, creating the maximum effect and proven results.


Touch heals, calms thoughts, stimulates circulation, relieves tension accumulated in muscles and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. In the SPA club “Hedona” we have prepared massages specially tailored to your wishes – from classic, relax massages, sports massages, to our special massage therapies, which achieve a unique effect and maximum effect.


We are also proud of the innovation in the field of anti-cellulite massages – INARIE massage, which painlessly and effectively solves the accumulation of cellulite cells, guarantees a reduced range of the desired area and velvety skin.

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