From Roman baths to the center of the world

Upon arrival in Varaždinske Toplice, a meeting with a local tourist guide follows. A tour of the city that bases its natural gift on the SOURCE OF THERMAL WATER. The history dates back to the Roman Empire when the Romans named the city AQUA IASAE. The natural source of sulfur thermal water is located in the center of the Roman Forum Aqua Lasae, one of the best preserved sites of Roman architecture in Croatia. After a short break we continue our journey to Ludbreg. Upon arrival in Ludbreg, a tour of the city – CENTER OF THE WORLD. Yes, Ludbreg is a city of legends and historical stories. See if miracles in this city are still possible. Here is one of them. Visit to the sanctuary established by a written decree of Pope Leo X ‘s Bull, issued in 1513. year, which confirmed the miraculous appearance of the Holy Blood of Jesus in the chapel of the then medieval Ludbreg fortress. A short break, and the continuation of the journey to the most beautiful baroque city in Croatia, the city of Varaždin. The following is a tour of the City Cemetery from the 18th century. which is one of the pearls of garden architecture and natural monuments.

Varaždin - Zelendvor - Vinica

We continue our tour of the city by visiting the Old Town, the Palace of Sermaga, the Ursuline Church and Monastery, the Town Square, the Cathedral, the City Theater. Your tour guide will tell you interesting stories. Did you know that Varaždin’s old town has as many as 11 bell towers, six churches and three monasteries? Is it strange then that angels, such sweet and dear beings and symbols of goodness, chose Varaždin as their home? Varaždin is the city of angels, and now that you are in Varaždin, follow in their footsteps. Named “Little Vienna” for miles, and now that you’ve seen for yourself, it’s time to end your walk at the “Tourist” Hotel. In the beautiful ambience of the newly renovated hotel with a welcome drink, try the well-known Varaždin clips. Organized lunch with traditional dishes of the Varaždin region. Return to the place of residence according to your wishes.

Package price: _____ per person / kn

The price of the package includes: the service of a local tourist guide during the whole day’s visit, an organized lunch with welcome drinks and Varaždin clips.